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Introducing Café de Olla, a special blend of coffee that celebrates the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. This medium roast flavored coffee features enticing notes of cinnamon and Mexican cacao, making it the perfect indulgence for coffee lovers who enjoy a hint of sweetness in their cup. With its rich, full-bodied flavor, Café de Olla will transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico, where the Day of the Dead celebrations take place. Start your day with a cup of this delicious coffee and experience the authentic flavors of Mexico in every sip. Join the fiesta today!

Cafe De Olla

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  • Cafe de Olla is a unique blend of coffee that captures the essence of Dia de los Muertos. With hints of cinnamon and Mexican cacao flavors, this coffee is rich and flavorful. Perfect for those who love to explore new tastes, Cafe de Muertos offers a bold and distinct flavor profile that will awaken your senses. This coffee is perfect for sipping on a crisp autumn morning, or as a comforting treat after a long day. Give yourself a taste of Mexico with Cafe de Muertos

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