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At Los Hombres Coffee, Tea, & Spice, we are committed to providing top-quality coffee products at affordable prices. We understand how important it is for small businesses to get the best products while keeping their costs down. That’s why we created our company – to provide premium coffee products that are affordable, fresh and delicious. Our inventory management is top-notch, which means our products are always fresh and ready to use.

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My Story

              I fell in love with the idea of coffee in the early 90's when the Seattle music scene was exploding. I can remember watching VHS videos of bands playing in small coffee shops and the places were full of art and antique furniture. I dreamt of the day I could open my own coffee shop and create a space where community would come together. I never imagined the journey coffee would take me on. I opened my first coffee shop in the Deco District in San Antonio Texas 2007 where the flavors of coffee transformed my imagination to a reality.

               From then I was hooked I worked for other large coffee companies such as Boyd's Coffee out of Portland Oregon, De Coty Coffee out of San Angelo, Texas, and Standard Coffee. I started in the industry as a route relief specialist where I traveled from all over the U.S. and experienced many communities where coffee was a driving force behind small business and the retention of their customers. I learned how to build a community of commercial accounts that all shared in the same appreciation of coffee this changed my view of how important coffee has been to the American spirit of getting things done. How the everyday American could always afford a cup and expect a quality of coffee to be there.  I worked my way up to a Operations manager where I was responsible for 5 warehouses in Texas. This is where I learned how to grow a community of likeminded individuals who truly cared for the small business that supported each and every warehouse and all its employee's.

           When COVID hit in the U.S. markets and our coffee communities where transformed because the offices that served it where no longer working in the same capacity. I found myself with walking papers and a handshake. I asked myself why does coffee have to be only for the giant coffee companies of the U.S. and why cant we the everyday Americans have coffee that was roasted in our communities where we are from, and at prices we can afford, this is the burning question that drives me forward everyday. I believe every south Texas breakfast house where everyday Americans grab their breakfast on the go should have ultra-fresh coffee, tea, and spice, along with reliable service and equipment. 

              I find my love for small business in everyday America is what drives me to provide a uncompromising cup of joy wither it is coffee or Texas iced tea. We at Los Hombres believe that providing a great cup or glass is what every business owner wants. This helps with retention of every person that walks through those doors weather its into a restaurant or breakroom this will help reinvigorate the spirit of community in your establishment. In every cup a smile, that makes us stay awhile. Love Coffee Peace and Happiness.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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